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The latest album from The Exquisite Taste of Plain Water (ETPW) couldn’t come at a better time. With music fans everywhere looking for a fresh and honest approach to songwriting and live performance, ETPW’s vibrant take on Americana/Rock is quickly gaining fans wherever they land.

Songwriters Paul Bond (vocals and guitar) and Jimi Evans (vocals and guitar) along with Eric French (drums), John Christoffersen (bass) and Jeremy Knuth (keys) are the architects behind ETPW’s classic, yet fresh and inspiring sound, which combines aspects of classic country, Americana, pop and rock in a fundamental and honest approach to the art of song that focuses on the authenticity of the lyric. Combining powerful harmonies with seamless songwriting adeptness, ETPW conveys stories of both the joys and heartaches of life.

The first single from ETPW’s latest album, the irresistible ‘No Stars Left in the Sky,’ tells the story of a breakup that both parties know is inevitable. ‘Dolores’ tells a crushing tale of a woman that goes through hell, but in the end is wiser for it. ‘Waiting on a Friend’ features Jimi Evans’ soaring vocal range and the band shows a slightly darker side with ‘A Wolf Inside,’ which speaks to the struggle of doing the same thing over and over with, unsurprisingly, the same end result.

ETPW also recently partnered with Trap Door Brewing in Vancouver, WA to release ‘A Wolf Inside’ New-England-style IPA to rave reviews of both the beer and song, as every can sold contained a free download of ‘A Wolf Inside’ from the new album.

Although ETPW has been turning heads over the last few years, it should be noted that each of the band members are veterans of the Northwest music scene with a long list of accomplishments under their belt. Jimi, Paul and Eric were three-fifths of Portland, OR favorite Throwback Suburbia, which released four albums and performed with such artists a Pat Benatar, Gin Blossoms, Soul Asylum, Everclear, Rooney, Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, Veruca Salt and many others. Receiving critical acclaim, Throwback Suburbia received national radio airplay, most notably from KROQ’s Rodney Bingenheimer - the “Mayor of the Sunset Strip.’ John is also an accomplished musician and songwriter and has performed with many top acts in the Northwest.

Fans of Tom Petty, Drive by Truckers, Wilco, Ryan Adams and Jason Isbell will no doubt connect with ETPW. But anyone that loves well-crafted songs with rich harmonies and catchy melodies will love ETPW.

Come join the campfire.

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